Magazine Internships

Prolific Quarterly strives to provide interns a quality learning environment in order to acquire and develop the necessary skills needed for job placement and advancement in the magazine publishing industry. Critical to this development is an emphasis on networking, improving overall marketability and increasing exposure to current issues within magazine publishing.


  • To develop and improve individual marketability to potential employers.

  • To provide networking opportunities within the magazine publishing industry.

  • To sharpen professional skills required for job placement.

  • To expose individuals to career opportunities in magazines.

  • To promote the function and mission of Prolific Quarterly.

  • To increase awareness and provide information and an opportunity for discussion.


Magazine Internships

Prolific Quarterly  is seeking a National Advertising Director who can demonstrate that her or his ingenious approach to 21st Century advertising has driven significant sales growth across print and digital platforms.

We're looking for someone who can sell, manage and problem solve as if the fate of the earth depends on it -- which, in the case of Prolific Quarterly, it kinda does.

Our new Ad Director will be:


  • Honored to work for a publication whose readership ranks among the most influential in magazinedom.

  • Excited by the opportunity to sell ads.

  • Stimulated by the challenge of selling a magazine that is considered an up n coming industry leader.


Candidates must have the ability to gracefully forge alliances between stakeholders who sometimes have conflicting needs, and understand and respect the ethical lines separating journalism and advertising. Experience with events production, partnerships, contests, social media promotion, publicity and branding is imperative.



We are an established Entertainment Magazine that is looking to hire a small team of writers for our Quarterly Magazine. We need around 50-100 articles/blog posts written per month for our diverse portfolio of clients'. 

The quality and length of the writing will vary depending on the quality of the sites we are targeting. However, the posts will be geared towards real blogs that would not be very likely to place sub-par content on their sites. We want these articles to be engaging and have real potential to drive traffic to our clients sites. 

Writers will be given topics and article titles as well as the URL of the blog being targeted, but research will generally be required. You must have excellent writing skills and grammar. We only want english speaking writers based in the US or UK that we will have the ability to communicate with via phone or Skype if necessary. 

It's important to note, that the articles written won't all have to be about the exact topic areas listed here, they can be tangentially related and should focus more on being a better fit for the blog they will be placed on. 

However, If you are an expert or have editorial connections in any of the following areas, that is a bonus and you should let us know.