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Prolific Quarterly strives to provide interns a quality learning environment in order to acquire and develop the necessary skills needed for job placement and advancement in the magazine publishing industry. Critical to this development is an emphasis on networking, improving overall marketability and increasing exposure to current issues within magazine publishing.


  • To develop and improve individual marketability to potential employers.

  • To provide networking opportunities within the magazine publishing industry.

  • To sharpen professional skills required for job placement.

  • To expose individuals to career opportunities in magazines.

  • To promote the function and mission of Prolific Quarterly.

  • To increase awareness and provide information and an opportunity for discussion.

About the Company

The "PQ" stands for a lot of things. It is an abbreviation of Prolific Quarterly, a High Fashion, Glamour and Lifestyle magazine that is published 6 times per year. PQ releases a Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter with an annual Fine Art Special Edition and Boudoir Edition.

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