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NovaCane - She will leave you numb!

photography Darryl Wilson Photography

model NovaCane

mua Nicole Alford

hair Autumn Rodriguez

wardrobe stylist Sandra Davila

Tell us how did you get the name NovaCane?

Honestly, I hate using my real name...Well I hated using it. I've been a social butterfly since I stepped on the party scene and began dabbling in modeling so I've always left this impression…This addiction. Then Frank Ocean releases this song entitled Novacane, and he's singing about this drug that left him numb and I just loved the reference. The thought that an image I took could leave someone numb or that my words could be that addictive, that's NovaCane.

So where are you from and currently reside?

Born in New Jersey but I was raised here in Tampa.

What prompted you to begin writing poetry and what made you feel the need to express yourself in this way?

I remember winning a poetry contest as early as the age of 7 or so. It always remained consistent with my writing though.. I picked the pen back up when I was about 19 and at that point I think it was more of an outlet than a craft. I put the pen down and modeled a lot more and I did a lot more club hosting but I grew tired of the club scene and in hopes of finding myself I stumbled across this talent once again.

I went and saw a poet named Mike Reid that I follow on Instagram and after that I knew I had to get on the stage. hit an open mic here in Tampa .. It was slow and the women didn't applaud but I got over that stage fright. I write how I feel .. If I'm angry I spit with aggression , if I feel the need to be compassionate , I'll slow the flow down. I'll never feel the need to conform to a certain standard and it took all this time, modeling, getting comfortable with myself and being able to somewhat take criticism for me to be ready for this.

My first show was in October of 2014, I was featured among some very tenured poets and although I held my own and filled the building I was not invited back to perform. I know it's because of my unfiltered and raw rhymes but I didn't change because a few people didn't accept it! I don't believe art should have boundaries so I established my own Open Mic Night "SMOKEN WORDS".

I am able to perform whatever I like and I openly welcome anyone else to do the same . It's so much more than just being a Poet now, I love that I'm able to give people this same opportunity I felt slighted.

How does a poem begin for you, with an idea, a form or an image?

Well it depends! I can be inspired by an image , real life situations or emotions but I really like punchlines. Usually a punchline will hit me and I just write around it. I'm always changing lines out and deleting lines, I need the flow to be smooth but fresh all the time ! I use the thesaurus a lot to interchange words, so I am always learning and teaching the audience new words at the same time.

What types of poems do you find yourself writing... do you have a recurring theme?

I do have a recurring theme... lol. I speak a lot on personal experiences and like to get a rise out of people so sexual innuendos are definitely one of my favorites, I speak on heart break and voids a lot as well. I'm just an open book.

How do you choose the form of your poems?

I don't use much form. I just go with my own flow.

Are there any forms you haven’t tried but would like to?

Sure! I'd love to take some creative writing courses! They have structure and it would be nice to have that variation.

What conditions help you with your writing process?

I need soothing music! I love candles and big pillows! Honestly, my heart being broken does it every time and I just don't get it!

Where do you find yourself when your most inspired to write?

I can be anywhere ! I've been in a loud club and dropped a few bars, even been in church and got inspired.

What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?

Same person! I write exactly how I want it read! I love when I send my friends the rough drafts and they tell me they can hear it in my voice while their reading it! I have created my own style!

Name the 3 poems that you are most proud of writing, the ones you personally cannot forget.

1. Sex kitten.

2. Homme Love.

3. Demigod.

Do you find readers like different poems than your own favorites? Name your 3 top read poems.

1. Sex Kitten.

2. Memoirs of a player.

3. Cutty.

What poets do you continually go back to?

My writing style is more spoken word! I love Kendrick Lamar , Old Kanye West , Wale and Lauryn Hill. I love the character in their music and the fact that it's real and it's GOOD! I also love William Shakespeare and Dr Sues!

Has your idea of what poetry is changed since you began writing poems?

Absolutely! It used to be really dark, I'm in a new phase of life. I want my writing style to be ever evolving.

Is there a group you travel with that you would like to give shout outs to?

I did travel with the Punany Poets recently. A special thank you to Jessica Holter!

Does social media play a part in your marketing and/or writing life?

I'm really big on the following social media platforms right now. To date my Number 1 is Instagram which is followed by YouTube and snapchat.. and yes I must admit that they play a major role in marketing right now.

My Instagram is at about 45k and a lot of the people in my city follow me so the support

definitely helps with my open mic night, my YouTube and website Views!

What are you reading right now?

One of my SMOKEN WORDS Allstars and Published Author/Poet Nayr Rashad's Book: HIDDEN DESIRES.-PQ

You can follow NovaCane at the following:

Website -

Youtube - Nova theNymph

Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat @NovatheNymph

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