PQs Summer Style: Sexy or Sweet?

Every time summer rolls around, I find myself having the same fashion debate with myself. But before we get into that, let me explain my thought process…

A season already known primarily for how little one wears, it makes what few articles you do actually adorn yourself with all that much more important. But summer is bigger than just bikinis. Maybe not to men, but for you… it’s a season that evokes feelings of innocence.

Freedom. Adventure. No doubt all nods to your childhood, when all you needed were your friends, a pool, and a few stolen cigarettes (that none of you were ever brave enough to inhale). But more importantly, remember how careless you felt about… well, pretty much everything?

Remember how good it felt to get wet and not care about your hair? Or when the time that the street lights came on was more important than how shiny your face had gotten? Because the only makeup you needed was your summer tan (those were still considered fairly safe to have then…).

It was pretty amazing, right?

Life was simple. “Calories” was just a weird word your parents used. And boys were dumb. And while maybe not everything has changed since then, most of us face a much different reality today:

Life is only as simple as you make it. Calories are fucking evil. And most guys are still generally pretty stupid.

So with all the pressures our adult lives will no doubt bring- like bad dates, bills and cardio, why are we purposely doing the same thing to our style? Why are we still rushing to grow up?

So what if we’re adults? If there’s one way we can keep that young innocence about us, even if its just for a little longer, its through fashion. I’m not saying you have to go all Lolita on everyone. But maybe chill with your summer sexbomb arsenal for just a minute?

Stop thinking about whats going to slim what area. Don’t worry about what Becky’s going to think. And dress for the moment. For summer.

For FUN.

There’s a quote I heard once. Maybe from the movie Vanilla Sky? But I’ve loved it, as its one of the purest yet simplest truths I’ve heard-

“Never lose your childish enthusiasm and things will go your way.”

So why shouldn’t we apply this same theory to what we wear as well? Why not reconnect to how it felt to get ready with the only purpose of attacking the day before us, and any adventure it might bring?

Sure, you don’t get a summer vacation anymore, but you do have days off. So enjoy them with that same reckless energy. Get all “young, wild, free” for a day. Cause it will be back to Boss-mode and Spanx on Monday.

When I look at my own style, half of me wants to be the vampy bombshell, suggestively displaying each curve to provoke just the right amount of hysteria... you know from the opposite sex.

The other half wants to be the innocent, girl next door type who’s down for anything. You know who I mean- the doe eyed girl that loves ponytails, sundresses and America. But what I actually am is somewhere right in the middle. A perfect balance of sexy and sweet.

Provocative, but girlie. What I wear is merely the determining factor in which direction I feel like going that day. And when summer rolls around, the girl next door side just seems to win a lot more often.

And that’s where my original question comes into play. Sometimes I have to remind myself that summer is supposed to be a season of fun, regardless of age.

A season of long, lazy days at the beach. Cocktail filled nights with friends. Steamy dates with boys. And with all that, who has time to worry about much else.

So throw on some heart shaped sunnies. Wear pink. Dance. A lot. Makeout even more. And give your inner Power Bitch a break. Be the Badass Girl Next Door who isn’t afraid to get wet. Or to lose a little control. We both know you’re gorgeous either way.

So go ahead. Dive in.

Happy Summer Dolls…


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