PQs Why is Vintage so Popular?

photography Mila Ritz

model Lillya Djalalova

words Sherry Johnson

In the past decade Vintage clothing has become very popular and has made its way into mainstream fashion, the advent of celebrities wearing vintage has also given the market a serious boost and has affirmed that vintage can be thoroughly modern and an alternative way to secure an individual look.

Another reason why vintage apparel has become so popular is because consumers buying vintage believe that mainstream fashion is less unique and high street fashion is too generic.

Vintage has a quality that transcends time items can be selected for fit, quality and design value, this is evident as time moves ahead and as trends re-appear on the catwalk making old styles easy to integrate into a modern wardrobe. Designers often rely on past ‘style hits’ for inspiration, which not only means new clothing looks familiar, but that it’s never been easier to look current wearing a 10-45 year old garment.

There will always be people who like individual and interesting pieces such as ‘one offs’ and ‘investment buys’, consumers are discovering that vintage is not only adaptable to current trends but are often timeless classics that can become a wardrobe stable.

Consumers follow trends and they want vintage that’s current and has an edge, choosing to but vintage gives the fashion forward individual a chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece, allowing you to always wear your own eclectic style.

At the moment originality is the key to being stylish; vintage is a means of individual expression for those trying to achieve a fashion paradox, of fitting in whilst standing out. - PQ

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