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PQs Rêveur de rêve sensuel

photography Aaron Vovk

model Michelle Taibi

words Nina Calloway

Hello, so tell us your name?

Michelle Taibi

Now, let’s get this out of the way… are you single or taken?


What’s your background in modeling?

I began about a year ago, with photographer friends interested in having me model, slowly getting more into the industry.

What other modeling projects have you done?

I’ve been involved in many projects, and had a decent amount of jobs. I’ve worked in fitness, bridal, jewelry and more.

One of my favorite people/companies to work with is L. SHOFF jewelry:

The “beautiful sunset” shoot I mention, involved so many talented people:

Of course, you can also find me on the 4 Girls Glamour website:

Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry?

While most of my modeling work has been photo, I have been involved in a small amount of video work, runway and promotional modeling.

What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

It is rewarding in a way that it did help somewhat to build my confidence, there are definitely a lot of perks that can be achieved within the modeling community, if you’re presence is big enough.

What do you dislike about modeling?

Sometimes the industry can be a bit harsh, however, I haven’t personally experienced anything of that nature. There are definitely a lot of people who develop egos (photographers, models etc) and those people aren’t my favorite to work with!

How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

It depends on the shoot, I might listen to music that puts me in a certain mood, or think about things that help me properly convey the emotion that is necessary for the shoot to be successful. In that way modeling can be a lot like acting, you have to be in a certain mindset.

Describe working with the photographer and the team on this photoshoot?

I’ve worked with Elizabeth and her husband on several occasions and each time has been wonderful. She does a great job both fulfilling her own vision and allowing a model to bring her personality to the table.

How would you describe the photographer’s style?

Diverse. I say that because I’ve found that Elizabeth (and her husband as a team), have mastered multiple areas successfully. Immediately I wanted to say sensual because that is how I have been involved, however, there also can be an edgy and very innocent vibe as well, depending on the shoot!

Who are some of your favorite models?

Taylor Hill and Elsa Hosk

In your opinion, what distinguishes a good model from a bad one?

It sounds cheesy, but growing up in the generation that watched hours of “America’s Next Top Model” marathons staying home sick from school, I really agree with the idea that a model needs to be entirely aware of every aspect of her form (modeling “Head to Toe”). I also think it’s important to bring a certain amount of your personality to the camera, at a job you were selected for a reason and I think that reason should remain prominent.

What distinguishes a good photograph from a bad one?

When it comes to photographing people it is so very much a team effort. While everyone has different tastes, the photographer needs to have skill just like the model. If the model isn’t comfortable, and it shows, or the photographer is uninspired, it is very apparent and usually doesn’t make for a great photo.

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

I’ve made some friends in the industry which has been nice. It can sometimes push you out of your comfort zone (in a positive way), and I’ve found that helped me in my own growth. In a somewhat negative way some individuals find the slightest title of “model” is like a token association they want, you can definitely tell when people are like that, it’s not something I enjoy being around, but it helps weed out some unauthentic people.

Do you do your own hair and make-­up?

On occasion for shoots, it has been necessary for me to do my own hair and make-up. Although I have been involved in some successful shoots where I have done my own hair and makeup, I think it really adds something to have someone on set whose job it is to make sure that one thing is perfect.

What was the premise for the shoot you did with the photographer?

It started as something of a more sensual shoot, and as an Exercise Science major was excited it took a turn to something more sporty!

What were you thinking about while shooting this set of photos?

9/10 I’m thinking about pizza.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot?

Every shoot has proven to be quite different. In studio I like when photographers have music playing, it adds more of a creative mood I feel. I always try to communicate with photographers and really anyone involved with the shoot, I think it shows when everyone is on the same page! I remember at one shoot in particular, we ended up with just the most beautiful sunset and someone on set played the theme song from “The Lion King” and that silly aspect made us all really enjoy the shoot!

Tell us about yourself: Why do you work as a model?

A lot of reasons! I love having a creative outlet, I enjoy being a part of the industry and the people it has connected me with and the places it has taken me, and sometimes it’s just another job.

What are your goals as a model?

Honestly I’m very realistic as a model, the industry is insanely difficult to make into a career so I don’t dare say that’s the goal. My goal is to continue on modeling for as long as I enjoy doing it and there are jobs to be had!

Where can people follow your modeling career?


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