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PQs Beauty with a Real Body

photography Bethany Garvey with bCaptured Photography

model Lexi Placourakis, FORD rba/Heffner/True & Kim Dawson

hmua Adrianne Brees

stylist Jessica Edmund with J Petite

fashion designer & wardrobe Lana Gerimovich with Alis Fashion Design

jewelry Alixandra Collections

words Shaena Augustin-Morris

Location Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

No limitations, no opposing voices, and most importantly no rules.

We are constantly hearing from top designers that sizes end at 12. Sometimes 14. Only thing is 14 is smaller than it was years ago. Realistically, frustration envelops our hearts every time We try to fit into that final size, hoping that We won't have to do the long walk from the dressing room empty handed because nothing we chose fit nicely enough for our natural curves. We only hope that the runway style of choice will compliment our bodies instead of leaving us ashamed that we have them.