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PQs Savage Couture -Wild 4 Animal Print

photography Gary Luce

models Andrea Miller, Yasmin Morup, Angel Hust & Dayah Dover

fashion designer Jessica L. Taylor, Just Like That Fashion

We got the opportunity to talk to designer Jessica L. Taylor. She gave us an overview of the concept of this shoot. Jessica said this collection is inspired by taking her love of Hollywood and Animal print and fusing them together. Then add a Turned Up, Modern Feel with a Elegant Collaboration of Genres. Put it all together and you have... Wild 4 Animal Print.

So tell us your name? Where are you from?

My name is Jessica L. Taylor Designer and Owner of, Just Like That Fashion. I am originally from Southern California which definitely shows in my Bohemian Hippie Chic Style. I moved from Los Angeles, CA to Billings, MT about 13 years ago. However, the Beach and Boardwalk have always been a very strong influence for my designs.