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PQs Savage Couture -Wild 4 Animal Print

photography Gary Luce

models Andrea Miller, Yasmin Morup, Angel Hust & Dayah Dover

fashion designer Jessica L. Taylor, Just Like That Fashion

We got the opportunity to talk to designer Jessica L. Taylor. She gave us an overview of the concept of this shoot. Jessica said this collection is inspired by taking her love of Hollywood and Animal print and fusing them together. Then add a Turned Up, Modern Feel with a Elegant Collaboration of Genres. Put it all together and you have... Wild 4 Animal Print.

So tell us your name? Where are you from?

My name is Jessica L. Taylor Designer and Owner of, Just Like That Fashion. I am originally from Southern California which definitely shows in my Bohemian Hippie Chic Style. I moved from Los Angeles, CA to Billings, MT about 13 years ago. However, the Beach and Boardwalk have always been a very strong influence for my designs.

You are getting ready for a major launch. How is that going for you?

Just Great. I am super excited to be releasing my new line. As well as a few new great items I am super excited about and will be available for purchase shortly. Subscribe for updates.

What kind of feedback are you getting from the current collection?

I am Super Ecstatic about the feedback and reaction from my New Line. Definitely going to be my Newest Hottest Collection. I get more and more excited watching it develop and adding new and incredible pieces.

Tell us about the production of what it takes to make a custom Collection?

Constructing clothes is a very intimate process for me. I mix genres and wild patterns to keep things NEW and Fresh. My very inner happiness is inspired and put into creating each piece.

How long does it typically take to make?

The time to create each piece varies. From construction of each garment to individually added embellishment makes so many different elements and levels to completing each garment, there's no way to give a time for construction.

What is the average retail price?

I have accessories starting at $20 and Tunics/Dresses starting at $60 prices range and vary from there. Custom Packaging and Shipping Always Available.

Everything you do is produced internal?

Yes, I really enjoy being hands on. I pride myself in the luxury of the fabrics that I chose so I love to touch and feel every piece of fabric that I use to ensure I use only the richest of fabrics thus ensuring the quality of the garment.

Do you have plans for worldwide sales?

Yes, Absolutely. Having the internet as a connection to all over the globe gives worldwide sales a much more achievable goal.

Did you have a specific research process when you started your collection?

Most times I construct from what I love and add my own flavor to each and every piece. I find inspiration all around me and sometimes in the least expected places.

Was there anyone in your family who made you feel like designing?

Fashion Is a huge part of my everyday life and drive. My Grandmother introduced me to a diverse, array of fashion at a very young age. From attending Local Runway shows, frequent shopping excursions and growing up inside her amazing closet. The Drawers of Rhinestones and Ar moire Filled With Fur, Silk scarves, and amazing ball gowns and cocktail dresses. Fashion quickly developed into a deeply rooted passion of mine.

Who inspires you the most in fashion? Anyone who stands out?

No one person in particular. Some Of My Favorite Designers are Oscar De La Renta, Versace, Bisou Bisou, Alexander McQueen, and Karl Lagarfeld just to name a few.

Do you know them?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I want to see my fashion everywhere in all your major department stores; my own chain. I love attending the fashion weeks. They are my favorite. There is no bigger rush or thrill than to see your designs hit the RUNWAY for the first time, ... Most Breathless Feeling Ever.

How can people find you?

Facebook Page: JustLikeThatFashion/

Subscribe To My Web page for Updates:

Thank you for this great interview. -PQ

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