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PQs Because she wears it well

photography Dave Dundas

model Chantell Holmes

mua Cinthia Torres

fashion designer The Bitch Can Stitch

words rod stewart (from the song you wear it well)

I had nothing to do on this hot afternoon But to settle down and write you a line I've been meaning to phone you but from Minnesota Hell it's been a very long time You wear it well A little old fashioned but that's all right

Well I suppose you're thinking I bet he's sinking Or he wouldn't get in touch with me Oh I ain't begging or losing my head I sure do want you to know that you wear it well There ain't a lady in the land so fine

Remember them basement parties, your brother's karate The all day rock and roll shows Them homesick blues and radical views Haven't left a mark on you, you wear it well A little out of time but I don't mind

But I ain't forgetting that you were once mine But I blew it without even tryin' Now I'm eatin' my heart out Tryin' to get a letter through