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PQs King Daluz Junior.

photographer | Seigar

boxer | Airam

boxing center | Gio Boxe Teneife

online inclusive beauty contest | Mister Canarias

King Daluz Junior, the boxer by Seigar

This photo-narrative tells the story of King Daluz Junior, a 23 years old boxer from Tenerife, Spain. As far back as he can remember he has been boxing. His father and uncle introduced him to this sport, so there is some tradition in his family history. He can recall boxing with his own sister when he was a child. When this boxer was telling me his story I could see the sparkle in his eyes showing his passion and devotion. He is a humble young man from a neighborhood that used to be tough some years ago. In fact, he is grateful for this practice because it changed his life, he used to be bullied when he was younger, and being able to defend himself stopped these hard situations in the streets. Boxing has also brought good things in his life: friendships, connections, experiences, and trips. He has been twice the Spanish Champion in this discipline.

King confessed to me that this sport has improved his routine and habits, and most importantly his self-esteem. He believes he can be a better sportsman every day. He told he has never experienced fear boxing. Proudly he showed me the stories of his tattoos, one of them was a present from a friend to protect him, though he is not that spiritual, he thinks it has given him some focus. The tattoo on his neck is a tribute to one of his idols: Arturo Gatti. These days, he is training in Gio Boxe Tenerife with the legendary Giorgio Campanella who participated in the Olympics in Seul in 1988 and who has also been an Italian and European Champion. In the sparring session with two other boxers that I could see, I witnessed that Giorgio believes in his apprentice, there is a strong bond between them.

He has lived fast, and he has had bad moments in his life, he had a motorbike accident which caused his life to stop for four years, and although they told him he wouldn't be able to fight again, here he is, training hard to compete and become once more a champion. King also trains other people, among them his 17 years old brother. Before this work, he told me he was open to telling his story, and I can tell that's true, he spoke about his ambitions and dreams, he told me he is not boxing for money, though he wishes to buy his house and car. He wants to be a legend, he wants to be known and remembered, he simply wants to be the best. He knows that this willingness and determination are what make him different from other boxers.

King Daluz Junior doesn't know the word limits.

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