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PQs Mikki Koomar

Mikki Koomar was born on 20th February 1989 in Mumbai City, India. He got the name as Mickey from his father, because his father likes to watch Action films, his father got an idea by the name of Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke. And then his mother believed to change the spelling of his full name from ‘Mickey Kumar’ to ‘Mikki Koomar’ in accordance with numerology.

He studied Commerce at Thakur College of Science and Commerce in Mumbai (India). During college days, he was a National level martial artist and State level boxer and simultaneously. He was working as an Assistant dance choreographer and Lead Dancer for National and International dance shows in freestyle Bollywood and western hip-hop genre.

After that He moved to Bangkok for martial arts training during this time he got a gold medal in national level full contact fight tournament, he has completed 3rd DAN BLACK BELT in Korean Taekwando arts from Kukkiwon International Headquarters from Korea, and that things motivated him to do more things in Dance and fitness, and also he was looking for some modeling career as well, so he participated in Indian male model competition that was organized by International Fashion Designers, and he won the competition and earned the title of Indian Male model 2013, after winning the Indian male model competition, he got an offer by German fashion designer to collaborate with his brand called N2L clothing, and they offered him a position as a brand Ambassador and model for German Brand Clothing “N2L”.

Simultaneously he was completing his acting diploma from International Bollywood Legend actor Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares. during that time he had a wonderful Professional Photo shoot as a Model with Bollywood’s legend celebrity photographer and film Director Mr. Jayesh Sheth, and after that In 2015, he got an another sportswear brand from United states called “Power Thread”. In 2016.

He moved to Brazil for some International film collaboration, as actor and producer. In 2017 He got official Invitation for Argentina Fashion Week during that trip, He learnt Tango Dance in Buenos Aires; He is Certified Tango Dancer from Argentina. He got selected for CMG Paris Fashion week as an International Model and prominent figure in Paris and he had an Official International photo shoot in Paris for American Brand ‘CUPANI FASHION’.

After that He got published in United States of America’s Model magazine called “AMAZING”. In 2018, he got the position as a Brand Ambassador for French Brand called Royal Roadster and he had a wonderful International photo shoot in Paris. During that time he got an official invitation from Italy to attend Rome International film festival and work there in theater plays.

He had an interview in Saudi Arabia with one of the most and biggest media of middle east called ALQUDS, ALWATAN VOICE, ALFAJER TV, AKHBARON, AKHBARAK, WATANA NEWS, PNN NEWS, and 100.8FM, Now He is getting affiliated with Ten International brands around the world, for the year of 2018 – 2019 – 2020- 2021- 2022 He had wonderful collaborations with 3 American brands Cupani Fashion, Power Thread, Fadalla Collection and one German brand “N2L” and one French Brand “Royal Roadster”, One of the American News Channel called A Television, another one is USA based men’s Jewelry Brand called Saima Chaudhry, and one Italian Brand, and two Brazilian brands. In 2019,

Then he received the brand Ambassador Award at Newsome Lupus Pageant and Award in Houston, Texas (United States of America), and International Youth Icon Award from Gibson Lupus ARC in United States of America.

In 2019 Mikki Koomar Became on Cover page Personality of American Fashion Magazine called ‘AMAZING’ and UAE Fashion Magazine Called “DEAN”. He became the Brand Ambassador and WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR of world’s one of the biggest Community WOCKHARDT FOUNDATION to represent WOCKHARDT FOUNDATION around the world. Now he has Felicitated as Global Peace Ambassador Conferred by The DIPLOMATIC MISSION GLOBAL PEACE INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION with UNITED Nations Sustainable development Goals SG and WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION.

He has received India’s most prestigious and one of the most biggest award called Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence award and INDIAN ACHIEVERS AWARD as a International Youth Icon and he become the OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ICON OF INDIA. -PQ

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