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PQs Blue & Strong

photography "DJ Jarak" Wysocki

model Nikiya Garza

wardrobe Hanes, Vibrant M.I.U. and Chalotte Russe

words Rozwell

I have worked with many models in my years as a photographer, but none of them have been as enjoyable to work with as Nikiya Garza. I've done 4 sessions with her so far. Nikiya is still very new to modeling but she shows the dedication and pride of a seasoned professional but without any of the ego or presumption.

Nikiya likes to change her hair around and it always looks amazing but when I saw her sporting blue and that she was in the best shape ever, I knew I had to work with her yet again. I used to be limited to whatever locations came up, but now, thanks to a new friend, I have a large, well-lit warehouse to do my shoots in. My indoor work has never looked this good but I also have my fine subject to thank for that. Please enjoy my interview with Prolific Quarterly.

How do you get yourself inspired for a photo shoot?

I'm always inspired. The concept of working with attractive people who want to take time out of their busy lives to work with me, some of which actually pay me? What could be better?

What’s your useable-to-unusable ratio when you review images from a shoot?