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PQs Sentiment D'été

Not only is this a season of reasons but its colorful. It's full of edge and Uncategorized fashion sense. Mixed palettes and pops of brightness are everywhere. We are uncovering a natural sense of ourselves with freedom of expression.

See, 2017 started off for many in an undeniably abnormal way. Tomorrow isn't the main concern as it's always been. We Aren't so focused into the future that we can't enjoy what's right in front of us.

Our summer months have always been a time of reflection and planning but this year it will be even more inclusive to keeping Today in mind. Living in the moment & Leaving the cares and worries of the past and future to those times.

We have a new president whose antics and decisions leave us wanting to be more in tune with who we are rather than worrying too much about everything else. With that feeling comes a sense of creativity for the artists of the world who don't want to think about what they are creating but they just want to do it, like Nike.

As we come to the realization that we really are fearfully and wonderfully made, we acknowledge that our past mistakes are only a big part of the picture. We've wisened up! This summer, let us reflect but with a sense of knowing and understanding that the present is what matters.

The present is the time to be you. The present is the time to create. The present is the time to write that book you've always wanted to. It's the time to call up those people you have been meaning to call. It's the time to meditate. To pray. To love. To be exactly who you want to be, without overthinking it. This is a time of balance so

Why wait? Why focus so much on times that aren't here yet. You say you want to do something big so start it from where you are right now! This Summer will mark a time of enjoying the moment doing things that steer you into the roadway of your passions.

Plant the seed now and nurture it.

Start that fashion blog, put together that business meeting, write those amazing recipes into a cookbook and become a better you while realizing that the decisions of the present mold your tomorrow. Don't forget that what you are doing is causing a ripple-wave effect for someone else to be inspired to do the same!

Our reality may seem dark for the times we are dealing with but the truth is this is the moment the light shines through. This is the moment to live out those dreams. Oh and don't forget to look good while doing just that! - PQ

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