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The Slayground

Where fashion goes to Slay

photography Amanda Pratt, Imagine Life Visual Artistry

models Briana DeShields, Modelscout Agency

Angejolie Belle, Professional Pretty Model & Talent Agency

hmua Daisy Ocasio

wardrobe Zema Boutique

words #themancalledH

One of Prolific Quarterly’s team hits the mulch with Photographer Amanda Pratt from Imagine Life Visual Artistry in a unique concept that was brought to us by Model Angejolie Belle. We sat down with Angejolie Belle and talked about the birth of this unique project.

Prolific Quarterly: So Angejolie Belle, tell us about the concept of this shoot.

Angejolie Belle: Well, the idea came to me actually while watching an episode of America's Next Top Model. They were doing a shoot that was based on a school playground with a very Lolita style.