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The Slayground

Where fashion goes to Slay

photography Amanda Pratt, Imagine Life Visual Artistry

models Briana DeShields, Modelscout Agency

Angejolie Belle, Professional Pretty Model & Talent Agency

hmua Daisy Ocasio

wardrobe Zema Boutique

words #themancalledH

One of Prolific Quarterly’s team hits the mulch with Photographer Amanda Pratt from Imagine Life Visual Artistry in a unique concept that was brought to us by Model Angejolie Belle. We sat down with Angejolie Belle and talked about the birth of this unique project.

Prolific Quarterly: So Angejolie Belle, tell us about the concept of this shoot.

Angejolie Belle: Well, the idea came to me actually while watching an episode of America's Next Top Model. They were doing a shoot that was based on a school playground with a very Lolita style.

Prolific Quarterly: I see, so I’m guessing that was something that spoke to your creative side?

Angejolie Belle: Yes, I thought to myself, wow this is a great concept that could go in a different direction...more fashion related for contrast. I must say I was inspired, so I put the plan in motion.

Prolific Quarterly: What did you do next?

Angejolie Belle: Next, I pitched the idea to the wonderful photographer Amanda Pratt of Imagine Life Visual Artistry and H. Albert Editor and Chief of Prolific Quarterly Magazine. They both totally felt the concept and understood my vision of what if there was more fashion vibes, in a playful atmosphere.

Prolific Quarterly: That’s great; it is amazing how a concept comes together.

Angejolie Belle: Yes it is, once I got the green light we pulled in the wonderful makeup artist, Daisy Ocasio. In my opinion that just sealed the deal. I sent her an avant-garde makeup mood board and she immediately knew what looks to do for us.

Prolific Quarterly: It just seemed to all fall in place and the creative vision came full circle.

Angejolie Belle: It always amazes me how that works. Amanda Pratt shot with the EXACT vibe I was hoping to achieve in this shoot. The icing on the cake was Zema boutique's designs… The boutiques designs really drove this concept shoot home.

Prolific Quarterly: I must say this is an amazing concept and you guys really brought it to life. Congrats… Is there anything else you would like to share with the readership?

Angejolie Belle: Thank you and yes, I would like to thank the team for all their hard work and inspiration. The team was amazing and does amazing work every month. Please show your support by following us and we will not let you down.

I also would like to say thanks to the incredible team that came together to make this a reality.


Photography - Amanda Pratt, Imagine Life Visual Artistry -

Models - Briana DeShields -

Angejolie Belle -

HMUA - Daisy Ocasio -

Wardrobe - Zema Boutique -


Outfit 1:

Briana - Contrast Moto Jacket & Sequined Jogger Pants

Angejolie - Studded Shoulder Moto Jacket & Zipper Detail Leather Pants

Outfit 2:

Briana - Bubble Sleeve Dress

Angejolie - Cutout Detail Velvet Mini Dress

Outfit 3:

Briana - "GLAMOROUS" Frill Sleeve Mini Dress

Angejolie - Summer Nights Fit And Flare Dress & Braided Necklace

Outfit 4:

Briana - Ribbed Knit Maxi Dress

Angejolie - Mermaid Style Evening Dress

Prolific Quarterly: We would also like to thank the team and look forward to the next concept shoot. - PQ

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