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PQs A Wanderlust Adventure

photography Stephen Dillon

model Liberata Dolce

hmua Corrine Dale

stylist Liberata Dolce

jewelry Vintage

Location Lido Key

Fashion absorbs culture, and designers take in influences from across the globe and reinterpret them for their collections.

So as summer starts, life unwinds and the weather warms, the luxury-fashion scene reveals a mix of cultural accents - Spanish, Asian, African, and Indian - all with bohemian appeal.

“The cultural influences we see can take you away and carry you to someplace unique, someplace tropical.

Tropical and global touches have been a big part of the aesthetic of the Wanderlust theme. This spring and summers direction seems to be cues from tile mosaics in Barcelona parks and, in particular, those created by the late Spanish-Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

"There's such a jumping-off point from eclectic artists like Gaudí. The consumer doesn't know the story behind the print or the look, but it's inviting. You can interpret it many ways."

Natural textiles and fiber from raffia to cork are essential to this look. "I'm a believer that you have to capture the customer emotionally. Fashion is emotion, wanting something that's unique and a statement. I like the tropical, natural feel, and I find it's what our customers want. It's unique and functional."

Just as the Spanish influence peppers summer collections, so does chinoiserie. The European interpretation of Asian style

trended when the Metropolitan Museum of Art toasted the Costume Institute's exhibit "China: Through the Looking Glass" and sent the fashion world buzzing with red-carpet chinoiserie style.