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PQs Brazilian Natural Beauty

photography Bruno Domingues model Bruna Fernanda da Costa

words Nina Calloway

The Brazilian Beauty has been admired all over the world as long as I can remember. Brazil is a big country with a population of 206 million and ethnically very diverse.

The Brazilian Beauty standards have been changing rapidly with the worldwide rise of breast implants and the rise of the workout culture. With that being said the thin waist and wide hips are giving way to big breasts and six packs.

Bruno recently traveled to the Southern part of Brazil, where European descendants are a big part of that population. Once there he found a lot of beautiful woman in Copacabana Beach, and Rio.

But looking for that one special model to capture the essence of Brazil he came across Bruna. Yes Bruno came across Bruna, she was born in the state of Minas Gerais, north of Southeastern Brazil.

"Bruna could not represent better the Brazilian beauty with her curly hair and perfectly shaped, all natural body".

Bruna Fernanda da Costa was born in Visconde do Rio Branco, a 40 thousand people town in Minas Gerais, to a white father and black mother with some Brazilian Indian blood. Bruna loves traveling and has lived in bigger towns such as S„o Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, before landing in Rio Grande, where Bruno met her.

Bruna had lung issues when she was a little baby, which contributes to her finding it hard to workout or do sports. So, yes she is just one of the ones to be blessed with an amazing body. She isays that's ok because she is a lazy bone and her favorite thing to do is to eat. So, lots of food and no exercise, lol. Now one thing I found amazing is that she does play the piano, quit beautifully, and has only been modelling for about 4 years, just for fun.

I can see a bright future for this smart, beautiful Brazilian Beauty... and one day you will say. "I remember when I saw her in Prolific Quarterly!". -PQ

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