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PQs 5 o'clock tea

5 o'clock tea

photography Yana Uvarova

model Anna Drozdoa

wardrobe stylist Natalia Voronkova

words Sherry Johnson

So where are you from? And where do you reside?

I’m from Russia, but actually hanging out all over the world. Spent couple of years in Europe and now based in the USA, Miami.

There are so many possible narratives for each of your photographs, how important is it to you that your models share the same narrative for the moment that you do? In the photo shoot 5 o'clock tea what type of instructions did you give to let them get lost in the mood?

It is very important how the model follows you, I love working with crazy models. The model for me on the shoot is not a human - is an object which needs to do a particular stuff, so if not following the instructions I feel very frustrated and losing control (I want to finish the shoot). That’s why I always take time for the first look - because that’s the critical time to collaborate with the model, you need to instill the certain mood and also to relax the model if is not the professional one. In the 5 o’clock tea I feel like we didn’t fully explore the subject because we were very afraid of the expensive clothes the model was wearing for each look.