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PQs Your guide for wearing Stylist Socks

How are all my dapper dudes doing today?

Today, we will discuss one of the most overlooked pieces of clothing. That’s right, you guessed it. I’m talking feet sweaters.

Socks were first invented to provide warmth to the foot, but the modern day gent has evolved this concept to add a certain flare to his outfit. We now use socks as a statement and this article will help you join this awesome fashion fad.


Honestly, the answer to this question is beyond simple — it is nearly impossible for you to mess up. Usually, a person still at the beginner level would coordinate socks to dress pants or outfit and there is nothing wrong with this at all. To provide a certain professionalism, you can wear blue trousers and match the socks in color. Or if you’re wearing a red tie, you may feel a little risky and take on the red sock challenge and I welcome such risk. However, for those few guys out there that just want that sock to pop, I’d say go ahead and try patterns.

Personally, I like my socks to stand out because it adds a pop in my step — with the correct tailoring, of course. We’ll save clothes altering for another article, though.

Providing some back story to my love for socks, I actually started to dress better because of them. I was invited to a wedding where the theme color was mint green. I looked at it as it if was too easy — buy a mint green bowtie. I realized that the traditional tuxedo was a bit too plain for my liking, and so I decided to purchase some socks that correlated to my tie in color.

From that moment I went, you can say, sock crazy. I started to buy them any chance I got. After this phase, I started matching outfits with socks, which seems a tad peculiar, but hey, it worked for me.


Do: Wear fun socks to spice up your outfit. It shows a fun side to you and others dig that. A man with a nice outfit and bold socks says I’m well put together, but I can take risks.

Don’t: Never wear two different sock