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PQs Cancers Caused by Lifestyle Choices

photography Duc Dang

model Van Anh Nhu

creative director Nguyen Nguyen

stylist Phuong An

sketch Minh Trang Nguyen Hoang

assistants Han Vy & Matt Ng

Cancer is so prevalent nowadays as people often think of air in the atmosphere, people are more or less aware of the disease. The ones who are suffering from the disease partly due to the poor air quality within our environment, and also from the daily bad habits.

To follow up with the concept, #psychteam made this project in hopes to remind us not to let the unhealthy habits take control of our lives. Smoking, drinking or too much of any other enhancement aren't good habits, so be smart about your daily choices to keep up a healthy routine.

As for the fruits and vegetables chosen to represent the organs in the body, when taken effect by the disease will turn from ripe to rotten (at a rapid speed x100). So please be aware, and balance to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"We didn't expect to find that eating fruit and vegetables would prove to be so important in protecting men against cancer," he said. "And for women, we didn't expect being overweight to have a greater effect than alcohol."

Research has proven that cancer is and can be associated with our everyday lifestyle. Take a look at some percentages we found through some Hopkins research.

Cancers in Men