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PQs Primrose

photographyBrittany Ketcham

model Bex Russ

words Rozwell

What’s your background?

I grew up on Long Island, NY and moved to a small town in Virginia when I was a teenager. We moved around a lot on Long Island and art was my solace. Whether it was drawing or taking photos. I have always had a love for nature and would spend all day outside exploring and my love for photography grew from that. I am currently a veterinary assistant and plan on going to school to become a veterinary technician.

So, did you study photography in school?

I did not study photography in school. I am a nature/animal lover and was always taking pictures with my phone. I had to snap a picture of every frog I saw and every flower I found. I started using a Polaroid camera when I was younger then moved to film then to an old digital camera I had found. I finally upgraded to a multi lens system in 2015 and fell in love. I loved the fact that I could put on a macro lens and take pictures of the tiniest details in flowers and take pictures of bugs and be able to see their eyes or intricate wing patterns! Honestly I didn’t start fully focusing on photography or learning different things until 2015.

Tell us about your first printed picture.

My first printed picture was actually just a few months ago. I submitted to another magazine and it was my first submission and I got it! When I got the magazine in the mail it was the best feeling in the world! There’s just something about seeing your photograph on paper versus on the computer. It looks better and you can actually feel and hold what you created.

What’s your favorite camera to work with and why?

Currently my favorite camera is the Nikon D810. I got it a few months ago and it just blows me away every time I use it. There is always something new to learn and there’s just so many ways to customize it. The clarity is absolutely incredible and it’s just a beautiful camera.

What has been your most challenging project to date and why?

My most challenging project would have to be my anxiety project I am working on. I haven’t released any photographs for it yet because I feel like the photos aren’t portraying exactly what I want. I am creating photographs based on how it feels to live with anxiety and depression. I have modeled for some to portray what I am feeling and then I photograph other people the way they want to be

portrayed. I will be posting them on my website and social media in the near future.

Where are you based?

I am based out of Richmond, VA

So, before we go let the readers know what was the inspiration behind this shoot?

Bex, the model, and I always have a wonderful time shooting and creating together! We were basically just sitting in my studio laughing and talking. She had brought over some face paint that we were going to try and use but it wasn’t working so I just pulled out my acrylic paints and we went from there. We had seen different paint shoots online but wanted something different so we went for a simple warrior type look.

Where can people follow your work?

You can follow my work on Instagram @gotta_ketcham_all and on Facebook

#prolificquarterly #art #webtorial

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