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PQs Lilac Dreams

11 06

Lilac Dreams

photography BELLISGIRL

model Isabel De Castro

mua Sara Matos

assistant Emanuel Dias

Although various colors of lilacs have different meanings, the lilac has always had a strong association with love and romance throughout history. When you’re stumped on what to wear, it’s always the easiest to reach for black. But get into the new black which is Lilac. Wearing an entire ensemble of drab colors is out of the question and is now considered the rule to just standard formal. Stepping outside the neutral box can seem daunting, so we looked to some of our favorite colors that the fashion experts are talking about for a little seasonal color inspiration.

Because lilacs have one of the earliest bloom times, they symbolize spring and renewal. Lilacs also symbolize confidence, which makes them a traditionally popular gift for graduates. There are many meanings that lilacs have that can best be classified by color.

  • White lilacs symbolize purity and innocence.

  • Violet lilacs symbolize spirituality.

  • Blue lilacs symbolize happiness and tranquility.