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photography Andrea Miliotti

model Ksenia Danilina

hmua Paolo Baroncell

wardrobe stylist Cherry Blossom

What’s your background?

I am a professional photographer and I am a humble and curious person to know the world around me. I like the comparison and the continuous search of new experiences to deepen my knowledge and to try to create beautiful images and quality.

So, did you study photography in school?

I did not study at school. Everything was born for the passion of taking pictures. Photography has become my passion every day. And 'it is grown up over time, and every day I learn new styles to improve, to correct my mistakes. The comparison and criticism are important for me and for my growth in this period is not easy work, but the tenacity and desire to emerge never fails.

Tell us about your first printed picture.

Before shooting in digital I shot with film and the first images in black and white I would print them alone inside a dark room created by me. It was a wonderful experience. Now I work with professional retouchers and printers because it's important for me to work in a team.

What’s your favorite camera to work with and why?

I've always worked with the Canon because I feel good, but I've also worked with Hasselblad and other medium-format machines. The important thing is the idea and know how to frame the image.

What has been your most challenging project to date and why?

My most challenging project is to become a photographer in the field of fashion. It's difficult because it's a closed world where there are so many components and so many variables. Growing up for me is important and the comparison is crucial for me to understand and improve to reach my goal.

Where are you based?

I work in Florence but I work all over Italy (Milan, Rome, etc) and I can move easily around the world. I work with my team: I have a stylist, a make-up artist and my colleague Laura, which deals with assistance on set and relationship with people and post-production and finally the video director Daniele Trengia of Bogus Lab.

Where can people follow your work?

I have many social type where people follow my work:





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