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PQs You Shouldn't Leave me Home

photography Balint Nemes @balintnemes model Martina @martinamikaskova

Sherry Johnson

Not to get confused with the movie but when I'm home alone the adventure really begins. I am Woman... Here me Roar! I am Sexy so let me explore my Sexiness with some Dress up. What I do or put on is the result of a quick calculation involving many variables: Is it raining? Do I have to go to work? or Do I have a Date tonight?

I'm thinking: I feel pretty, classically feminine, and flirty.

Nothing makes me feel more flirty than a thong, especially a thin black one with a slim waistline. It enhances curviness, and makes me feel like a fit woman ready to concur the world.

I'm thinking: He wants to see my butt?

He's noticing my butt so the heals are working. This boost of the butt produces a curve of the lower back toward the abdomen which, in mammals, is the position of female sexual receptivity. It's no coincidence that strippers are still wearing stilettos after they've shed their clothing. Real-world evidence: I don't recall ever wearing a pair of flats on a first date.

Heck yeah, I sometimes feel like showing off, so I'll wear something to attract your attention. But since the color of my clothing may also have a lot to do with fashion trends I will through on a Gold Jacket, you can't always tell a lot about a woman based on her chosen hue alone. -PQ

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