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PQs Summer day

Summer Day

photography | Arthur Tselishchev

words | Sherry Johnson

This upcoming season tens to revolve around the resort style fashion—the clothing delivery that has transformed from just what you wear on vacation to the most wearable offering of all—is currently taking place and already hinting at the oldie but goodie linen with ancient Greece vibes, and the new It-accessories. Read on to see what everyone will be wearing in six month's time, here.

This fashion trend is going to present contrasts and extremes by mixing up colors, materials and patterns in an unconventional way. Nevertheless, sportive styles and urban looks will still play a big role in our wardrobes.

Many collections are inspired by nature’s energy and natural colors that take the beauty of sparkling lakes, lovely fields, flowers or the warm colors of the sun. To complete this natural styles, designers focus on natural colors such as beige, brown, sand-colors. These colors express both elegance for the graceful and festival female.

These styles are feminine and focus on mother earth. We have found that the top collections demonstrate glamour but also resort style living highlighting the sexy. This trend focuses on the kind and modern fashionista who loves to stand out from the crowd.

Also, these trends are a modern fashion that is known as the further development of the bohemian trends. The difference to the popular boho look is that eclectic palace demonstrates higher quality and a classy, but exotic lifestyle.

This fashion statement makes the woman more bold and a leader, a fearless pioneer of a young society rebuilding their closet. She is a philosopher and thinker, taking on a new age where everything has to be rethought and restyled.

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