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PQs 5 Ways to Live the Life of Your Dreams Right Now

Creative Director Pierre Johnson

Pierre Johnson is a Creative Director that lives his life under the 5 Ways to Live the Life of Your Dreams Right. He is moving up the ranks and being noticed as a top Creative Director in the Fashion arena and wants his vision to be seen around the world. Check out some of his work through images and enjoy these 5 steps to be successful in whatever you do.

1. Get Conscious.

Take explicit not of what is working in your life and what isn’t working. Are there areas of your life that you’re ignoring because they aren’t working, or because you feel like you have no choice other than to keep doing things the same old way? Are you allowing time and space for what is working in your life to be nurtured, expanded, and grown or do you stuff it into 5 minute increments at the end of the day when no one else is looking? Are you happy in your body? In your vocation? In your primary relationships? In your home? Why or why not?

2. Stop being complacent and start being intentional.

Here’s a radical thought – you do not exist in reaction to your life. Your life is not puppeteered by another person. Every aspect of your life exists because on some level you made the choice to allow that aspect to show up. If something negative happens what do you make that mean? That the universe is out to get you? That you deserved it? That you can never have what you want or get ahead? Or is it simply an obstacle that can be dealt with as you continue to move forward? How you think about things affects their impact on you.