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Photography | Oliver Keller

Model | Julia Aselage Make up | Krisztina Kismic

Assistant | Susanne Keller

had the opportunity to interview photographer Oliver Keller from Germany. He is a sought after photographer that loves shooting and sharing his work. Let's see what he has to say.

What’s your background?

Actually, I am a learned merchant. But love for photography is never extinguished. So it is that photography has found more and more space in my life. It has always been my interest to make pictures of people. Three years ago, I was finally able to fulfill the dream of my own study. Since then, my focus has been on Beauty, Fashion & People.

So, did you study photography in school?If not how did you get into it? I do not have a classical education to the photographer. Rather, I have developed auto-didactically and through targeted coaching. And learning never ends ...

Tell us about your first printed picture.

The first published picture was a beauty. The first print was a fashion project with a very talented Hamburg designer, an expressive model and a very creative make-up artist. The 5 double pages were then printed in a fashion magazine. A great feeling then hold in hands.

What’s your favorite camera to work with and why?

I work with a Nikon (D810) camera. Why Nikon? My first analogue DSL I received many years ago from my wife. Since then, I've always added the equipment. So it was that I always stayed with Nikon. ... and with my wife ;-)

What has been your most challenging project to date and why?

So far it was the fashion shoot that was also printed. Very many looks and lots of sets. My biggest project so far is currently being planned. The difficulty: two models, two horses, lots of smoke, huge set, many assistants.

Finally, What was the inspiration behind this shoot?

As already mentioned, I love the beauty picture. Often it is possible to create a completely new look with small differences. Like in this series, in which the make-up artist Krisztina and I wanted to work with only two different colors, which at first sight do not necessarily fit together. Pink and gold. And through the different placement of the shades and the targeted lighting and shadowing we can achieve a different effect with every picture. It is always nice to see how the images in the head become real pictures.

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