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Come Check Out What The Buzz is All About... Going Back To Nature with my latest The Queen Bee Collection. This Chic 2-Piece Pants Suit with matching Purse was inspired by our Curious Little Friend The Fuzzy Bumble Bee. The Back of the Blouse is Open and Flares to represent the Wings of The Bee which will make you the Confident Carefree Independent Woman you were always meant To Bee!!!

My Name is Jessica L. Taylor Owner and Designer for Just Like That Fashion. I am Originally from the Sunny Beaches of Southern California which is apparent in my Boho Hippie Chic Designs and Style. I Moved From Los Angeles, CA to Billings, MT about 14 years ago. However, The Beach, Festivals, and Boardwalk continue to been a very strong influence for my designs. Fashion is a huge part of my everyday life and drive. My Grandmother introduced me to a diverse, array of fashion at a very young age. From attending Local Runway shows, to watching all of the Old Hollywood movies, frequent shopping excursions as well as growing up inside her amazing closet; The Drawers of Diamonds and Rhinestones and Ar moire Filled with Fur, Silk Scarves, and amazing Ball Gowns and Cocktail Dresses. Fashion quickly developed into a deeply routed passion of mine. I can still recall the first outfit I ever made all by myself by the age of 8 a white silk blouse and bright fuchsia floral cotton skirt.​

Beauty, Health and Fashion are my main interests and focus when it comes to my personal, professional, life and career. I find most often they come hand in hand. Weight always being a personal struggle of mine growing up in the 90's was not a very forgivable era for PLUS Size Girls. I was forced to invent and reinvent my style to suit my size and Style Of Course. This is how I realized I had a true calling to be a Designer. I make clothes comfortable as well as flattering for every body shape and style. I do not use any patterns all of my styles and designs are my own cuts and styles each made with only the best of fabrics and materials so your outfits are comfortable and last. The Design and Constructing of my Clothes is a very intimate process for me. I mix genres and wild patterns to keep things NEW and Fresh. My Very Inner Happiness is Inspired and put into creating each piece. The time per piece varies.

I find Inspiration Everywhere. Each Person Has The Ability To Create their Own Style. But Instead of choosing one chose several or all of them. Why Not Take Some rocker with a little girlie and mix it together. Maybe a little country and some bohemian. Fashion is what you make it and you are your own Limit. I really wanted to make a statement with my Just Like That Fashion Brand and Stand Out. I thought of using my initials of course because that is so common in the designer industry. But I took it a few steps further by constructing My Company Name Using My Own Initials. Jessica Louise Taylor "JLT" to create my company name "Just Like That" Fashion Brand. My Fashions Are Guaranteed To Transform You "Just Like That"!! Therefore Deeming My Company Slogan "Just Like That", as well. My Symbolism behind the Crown symbolizing 'ROYALTY' and Hanger symbolizing 'FASHION' put together in my logo is Promoting "FASHION ROYALTY". Stand Out Be Chic and Classy. Combining Great Styles and Design in each item while being hand crafted every step of the way, by me. Providing you with only the very, very best of products.

I am currently working on making my Designs and Fashion accessible to customers across the globe. I want my Brand in All Your Major Department Stores. My Own Globally Recognized Chain. MY FAVE ... I love attending the fashion weeks. I would Love to do nothing more than travel the planet doing Fashion Shows. There is no bigger rush or thrill than to see your designs hit the RUNWAY for the first time, ... Most Breathtaking Feeling Ever.

In 2014 and 2015 I attended Montana Fashion Week. In 2016 I attended New York Fashion Week. In 2017 I attended Denver Fashion Week. I have since been invited to several fashion weeks, even Vancouver Fashion Week. I have had several of my collections published here in the states as well as Internationally among several magazines and webtorials. I even picked up a FRONT and Back Cover featuring my NEW Queen Bee 2 Piece Outfit Design. As Well As Several Other Featured Designer Publications. To See This, my latest designs and fashion, as well as any of My Other Publications Check out my NEWS & PRESS:

Webpage: Instagram: @justlikethatfashion FB: Twitter: @JLTFashDesign

Designer | @justlikethatfashion | Models | @huskieblueyes | @_izmartin | @Lacie Lou Photography | @m_r_h_photography

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