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PQs Chiffon Reverie.

These gorgeous Purple and Orange beautifully accented outfits create a very fun, flirty and loud Hippie feel. Come experience "The Beach... The Vibes and Flavor of the West Coast. This is a beautifully portrayed in Just Like that Fashions collection "Chiffon Reverie."

Jessica L. Taylor is the designer and owner of Just Like That Fashion Brand. She officially launched the brand in 2014 using her initials "JLT" to create the company name and LOGO.

Originally from the Los Angeles area she finds herself slipping off to the beach and boardwalk taking in the incredible essence of the vendors, flowers, live music and enjoying LIFE.

Jessica conceptualizes all her designs for the empowering of women. She often states nothing makes you feel strong and stand taller than your power outfits. "When you know you look good you feel good and that radiates."