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Shimmer & Gold

Lets all get serious here!

If you’ve been paying attention to my posts then you already know I’m not afraid of much when it comes to getting dolled up.

Except for kitten heels.

Honestly, what IS that?? Much like the word “fetch”, there are just some things that are not going to happen.

But staying on track here…

Because its this specific time of year that the limits to getting glam are just begging to be defied.

And defy you must. Because regardless of whether you’re a self-proclaimed glamazon (ahem…), or the girl next door who just needs a little sparkle, I’ve got the tips and tricks that will have you covered this holiday season. Head to toes. Or, just toes.

So lets break this down using a little system I like to call….

The Sizzle Scale.

Pretty catchy, right? Okay, okay- but hear me out first. For instance, are you a Level 5 smoldering sex bomb? How about a Level 3 bling babe? Or maybe a Level 1 minimalist momma? Whatever the case, I’m only here to tell you that if there was ever a time to step out of your comfort zone, and try something shiny and bright this year-

This. Is. It.

And because every girl loves a satisfying finale (;)), we’ll start this off with the bare minimum on big ways to get your shine on this Christmas, leading all the way up to the big… finish.

Level 1.

Lets start off simple, shall we?

Now we all love a good mani, BUT, save yourself a few bucks and spend them on cocktails instead. Cause you can pull this one off on your own. And I can speak from personal experience on this trend that not only is it the easiest, it will earn you the most compliments too. I’m talking about gold glitter nails.

But here’s the trick- you have to straight up layer that polish on. Like, 4 coats kind of layer. But if you’ve ever used a glitter based polish before, you know that it dries super quick. So 4 layers of glitter polish is like 2 coats of regular polish in the hustle world. And this is important. Because your a boss bitch with things to do.

So find the brightest, most sparkling polish OPI has to offer and get to work. You’ll see the payoff the second you reach for your first latte post-paint job.

Level 2.

A girl’s gotta give good face.

But we have seen a streak of, shall we say… questionable trends this year. It seems like beauty pro’s all over were trying to frost every feature. And while the majority have been oh so right, there were a few that left us with serious doubts. Like glitter brows…. BUT– like everything else in life- I think they all deserve a shot. So while you may not want to paint a solid streak of glitter under your brow (see Gigi Hadid below).

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised of what a little bling can do blended right into the brows themselves. Think of it kind of like applying mascara. One little swipe and you’ll get some serious bling that’s perfect for your next Girl’s Night Out. Not to mention this look is definitely concert approved.

Level 3.

So a little brow bling doesn’t scare you, you say? Great– now we’re on to something here. And by here, I mean pigments. Lately I have become obsessed with the ability to turn any pigment into liquid metal. And this little trick is accomplished by mixing the powder itself with small amounts of either coconut oil (that ish really DOES do everything…) or MAC’s Essential Oil. And then brace yourself for the results. You’ll soon be the mad scientist of your own bathroom, mixing and applying colors that your teenage self could only once dream of.

I suggest MAC’s pigments in either Copper, Platinum, Gold or Rose Gold for this season. Wait for festival season for the rest. And while the more timid may apply this as a shadow, these are especially striking when applied straight to the lips. And if that’s still not enough to make you your little beauty loving heart say “Daaaammmnnnnn, girl”, than add a light dusting of contrasting pigment or glitter on top for even more sparkle.

And if your heart isn't crying from glittering happiness at this point, I still have 2 more to go….

Level 4.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. And with Christmas right around the corner, its only fitting that the view should be just as bright. Silver and gold kind of bright. And lucky for you, all it will take is a simple tube of glitter glue (yes, there is such a thing) to achieve this.

Now, I’m sure there are much more “industry standard” ways of doing this, but after spying this glorious product, I couldn’t care less. Purchased at Sally’s, this little tube of wonder will make the chunkiest of glitter’s stick. AND stay put all night. Start off with your favorite shadows, then dip your brush into a small amount of the adhesive. At first, it felt too watery to do anything thing. But I blotted it into my crease anyways.

And then the magic happened.

Next I moved my brush into a glittery pigment (also from MAC) and blotted it into the same area. And the results were stun-ning. Like, ready for New Year’s Eve kind of stunning... except it was a Tuesday. And I could not have cared less. And you wont either.

Like Bruno would say: 24 karat magic in the aaaaiiiiirrrrrr.

Level 5.

I’ll admit- I don’t think this particular look is in any as striking or jaw dropping as the aforementioned. But I DO think its one of the easiest. And most wearable. Yet at the same time- most avoided. And I cant think of one good reason why. At least, not now.

True, you may not want to roll up to your next meeting with glitter roots, but I would sure as hell rock it to brunch with my girls. After all, isn’t life about having fun? About not giving a fuck? And while its not the most mature look, I think there’s something endearing about the childishness of it this time of year. Like drinking hot chocolate instead of wine while you watch Elf.

Glitter roots is the hot chocolate of the holiday hair.

So be bold and go heavy with it. Or keep it simple and sassy with just your part line. Whatever the case, just freaking do it. Keep the wonder alive in more than just Christmas this year and be a little childish with these trends. Because as some once said-

Always keep your childish enthusiasm and things will go your way".

And always, ALWAYS keep shining.

Till next time, dolls….


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