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PQs The Power Of Two

Talent. Vision. Tenacity. Confidence.

What happens when you take all those characteristics, and you double them?

Something beautiful… Magical, even… And undoubtedly unparalleled.

That’s exactly what happened when Corrine Dale and I first met. What started out as just another collaboration on a shoot would soon turn into a friendship that would shift the direction of both our lives. Because we didn’t just simply collaborate- we dreamed. We envisioned. We built. And then we ignited.

For the first time, I was able to spout off one of my insanely random over-the-top shoot ideas to someone. And instead of the usual smile and nod I would politely receive in return, this time I was enthusiastically matched with another vision equally as exciting. From that point forward, we would blend those ideas into one and form concepts worthy for the pages of Vogue. And the more elaborate we got, the more determined we became to bring those ideas to life.

And while the best idea we’ve collaborated on has yet to be announced, I felt it was fitting to share our first step towards that grandeur destination. A dreamlike shoot that would test not only our ability to work together from beginning to end. But a shoot that would serve as a time stamp to the beginning of many more. A shoot that would set the standard of who we are.

And just who are we, you ask?

Just as I said- we’re talented. Creative. Tenacious.

And we’re dreamers.

Dreamers that then take those scenes- and create a photographic reality.

A photographic reality free from cold studios devoid of personality, but instead full of alluring spaces injected with life and saturated with magic. A reality where both fairy tales and nightmares can be blended together into provocative beauty.

So consider this your teaser to our
upcoming unveiling.

Because trust me when I say-

You. Haven’t. Seen.

So stay tuned. There’s still so much more to come.


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