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PQ Releases 4 Cover Collectors Issue

Like Never Before! Prolific Quarterly Issues the FIRST 4 Cover Collectors Issue to enter into the 2017 SPRING/SUMMER Season.

L 'estate dell'Amore Edition - Actress Katrina Czabafy (Cover 1) and Avon Spokes Model Micah Leonard (Cover 2).

Then we have 2 Exclusive Covers with Model Karen Cavallaro (Cover 3) being exclusively available via Twitter and Prolific Quarterly Spokes Model Laurel Mona (Cover 4) being exclusively available through Facebook . ­

It’s was an incredible 2016 and has been an amazing 2017 thus far ­ with NovaCane kicking off the covers with our Noir et Blanc Edition, all through Tamera A. with our SAVAGE Edition and we can’t forget Elisabetta Di Virgilio with our deesse de l ete Edition and Ingeborg Sofie Gumdal topping it off with our Winter Story Edition. This L 'estate dell'Amore Edition continues the new PQ tradition and releases the 1st ever 4 Cover Collector’s Edition.

Buyers get to pick the cover they want and order the L 'estate dell'Amore Edition. All Covers are full L 'estate dell'Amore Editions and are Collectors Editions. You might ask why a Collectors Edition? The answer as always is simple: “because we listen to our Readership” says Editor in Chief H. Albert. “Because being an International Fashion Publication catering to the incredible work of our contributors we would like to feature as much as possible… and let them shine like a stars.”

The magazine is available BUY MAGAZINE both Hard and Digital Copy. - PQ

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