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PQs Below Series

photography David Bram

model Ingenuity Queen

So tell the readers your name?

Marie Burden; my Instagram name is Ingenuityqueen.

Where do you reside?

Kirksville, MO

How tall are you?


When did you first think of becoming a model?

I have always thought about modeling. My mother always said I should model, but I never thought I could. Then one day after my mother passed away, I was offered a chance to participate in a Native American shoot and that was that. I thoroughly enjoy modeling.

Tell us how the team came up with this shoot?

R. Scott Anderson is a very talented and passionate artist. He has an eye for things most people would not see. This was his vision. David Bram worked that day with R. Scott Anderson at a house with a great pool, and David created the outstanding shots you see in this editorial.

So, tell us how the process of the Underwater Shoot comes to pass? Was the camera underwater?

Yes, that is exactly how it worked. David has great photography tools which he used to properly protect his camera from any water damage, eye goggles, and a weight belt that allowed him to stay submerged under water. As the model dives or drops below the surface of the pool, the photographer captures the movement. It is best to relate as much air as possible in order to drop below the surface. Once deep enough you just flow and move in different positions. The point is to pose on your back and make it look like you are relaxing and posing the same way as if there was no water. It is not as easy as it looks, but amazing shots can be created if you are able to hold your breath long enough and pose under water.

What kind of shoots have you been working on over the last year?

I have worked with several different photographers on a vintage shoot, a glamour shoot, a fashion shoot, a group shoot for a modeling organization, and an athletic shoot. The underwater shoot is called the “Below” series and the vintage shoot is called the “Vintage Vertical” series. Next month I will be working with a photographer in Iowa to create pinup looks, a unity group shoot, and boudoir.

Who has been your favorite photographer so far and why?

I really enjoy working with R. Scott Anderson. He knows what he wants and he gets it done. I am always excited working with him because he always has great ideas.

Are you signed to an agency?

No, but I am looking!

Who are some of your favorite models past or present?

I really like Devon Aoki, Eva Pigford, and Kate Moss. Why? They prove you do not have to be 6 feet tall to be a successful model.

Who supplied the wardrobe for this shoot?

It was a collaboration. Scott provides many of the dresses and scarves. I provided the jeweled tights and corset.

What do you consider the most important breaks in your career to date and why?

As of yet, it is being able to work with talented photographers like David and Scott. One day I will be in the right place at the right time to really gain more exposure. Your magazine is a great start.

Where can readers follow your career?

Readers can follow my career on


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