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PQs TOP 10 Beauty Tricks To Make Models Look "Flawless"

Having worked as a makeup artist for the last 14 seasons at runway shows in New York, Milan and Paris, I wanted to share some not-commonly discussed, standard operating procedures backstage to shed some light on what a pro does to make a model look "beautiful" and "runway ready."

You may actually get some great beauty tips for yourself from this list, and some of these tricks may make you gasp. Mostly, though, I hope this will be a healthy reality check for any woman who’s ever felt frustrated about the way she looks in the bathroom mirror, or for anyone who has ever compared herself to a model. I hope that by pulling back the curtain on how the fashion industry really works, women might be inspired to be a little kinder to themselves.

Let's start with one crucial point: I often interchange the word "models" with "girls." It's not to be derogatory, but in fact it's an industry-wide term that punctuates the reality that most models are teenagers — a very selective group of young females with highly specific genetic traits.

Here are 10 things makeup artist to make models look beautiful for the runway:

1. Cleanse face.

Even when a model swears she already cleaned her face, I always find remnant makeup from the show before or the night before. Leftover makeup really makes women look a lot worse than most realize. So I spend time cleansing off every bit.