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PQs Urban Beauty

photography Cecilia Pennisi

model Ahlam El Brinis

words Sherry Johnson

Location Crescente Arredamenti

I’m always searching for the perfect time to do me... I tend to wear a lot of non sexy clothes around the house while relaxing and it spills to when my man gets home. Comfort is also a top priority but I found I didn't include sexy in that thought process. Now, I work from home and my man works in an office environment 9-5. He is around beautiful sexy woman all day that are trying to get with him and here I am when he comes home in flannel pajamas! Never Again!

I have found "Living With Less and Ending Up With More" applies to my relationship... Hmmm, think about that. This year I started spending more time on my business and my man. See, what is truly important to me are those two things and I have made an effort to make them the best they can be.