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PQs Urban Beauty

photography Cecilia Pennisi

model Ahlam El Brinis

words Sherry Johnson

Location Crescente Arredamenti

I’m always searching for the perfect time to do me... I tend to wear a lot of non sexy clothes around the house while relaxing and it spills to when my man gets home. Comfort is also a top priority but I found I didn't include sexy in that thought process. Now, I work from home and my man works in an office environment 9-5. He is around beautiful sexy woman all day that are trying to get with him and here I am when he comes home in flannel pajamas! Never Again!

I have found "Living With Less and Ending Up With More" applies to my relationship... Hmmm, think about that. This year I started spending more time on my business and my man. See, what is truly important to me are those two things and I have made an effort to make them the best they can be.

So, yes being sexy when he comes home is a must and keeping it fresh like I did in the beginning. The crazy thing is I have found that when I do this without thought he does everything I need and don't have to ask him. Hmmmm....

There is plenty of leeway afforded to a work-home life, but ultimately, many people seem to appreciate the distinction of clothing that instills a certain type of confidence. Or at the very least, permitting for the periodic coffee run. I tend to wear things I can just through sweets over to do quick errands so when I come back I can strip down to sexy.

Take it from me ladies, whether you work from home or the office. Take time out for yourself and put on your sexy and relax around your home. Grab a glass of wine and unwind. Be in the right mood when your man comes home and show him what he has been missing and let him know he is important. -PQ

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