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PQs 60s Fashion Revival

60's Fashion Revival

photography Mila Ritz

model Lillya Djalalova

If you’ve been following fashion over the last few years well kudos if you have forecast the fashion cycles huge swing right into 60s fashion. With a green pass for all the razzmatazz of the youth culture back in the day, I really don’t know what to expect street style & retail wise today. I mean fashion from A to Z has pretty much been done, it’s just us the young spirits of today that find everything before the 80s so fresh.

So, sometimes I just wonder why we can't come up with something different ourselves instead of always going back to our fashion roots. Are we creative or ignorant? Or has everything been done in terms of fashion?

Honestly I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, I’ve always said fashion-music-culture are all linked, so we not only lack a movement in the former but in all. Clearly our thirst for something new is there. Might be sound asleep but hey. Thank God we’ve got the past to keep us on our toes, right? The swinging 60s were the Golden Age of freedoms, with so much happening in music, politics, society, morals – that it was bound to transpose in fashion.60's in Today's Fashion.

Young people refused to be/look/act/think as their parents did. So all those 60s trademarks had quite a solid reason behind: short A-line dresses, plastic jewelry, kitten heels, bold geometric & psychedelic prints, bright colors, mini skirts. This was the time when the street fashion was invading the catwalk.

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