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PQs A German Adventure

We had the chance to interview International model Dora. Dora is a rising model and is soaring to great heights in the industry. Check out what she has to say and get to know her... you will love it!

So tell us your name? My name is Dora, it's not my full legal name but I prefer being called this way it’s short and simple and memorable, the latte being quite important.

What’s your background in modeling? I have started modeling ages ago when I was 14. I did a modeling school and did pretty well with my modeling jobs. I did take a substantial break do to demanding university studies… but always kept myself in the loop.

What other modeling projects have you done? Oh, I have done a lot, I like shooting for commercials, music video clips and TV. This one is for instance, a clip for a gifted starlet Kobro, who is a rising star on the Austrian rap scene.

I like taking part in fashion events and beauty pageants. I was recently invited to take part in Miss Globe International in Jamaica, for instance.

What is fun and rewarding about modeling? Modeling is totally fun, you always get to show talent, creative minds come together and you meet very interesting people from all around the globe. It's always a different story to tell, an adventure and a discovery all in one.

What do you dislike about modeling?

Well, any job has its minuses. Sometimes it's tiring to apply to many castings, it's a long wait at the backstage or the persons involved are mean. I remember once in Romania we were a large group of models and a casting and we weren’t fed until 10 hours after the breakfast! Yet I am always optimistic and generally it's an exciting job to do.

How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

Oh, it’s always a very serious take. Even if it's a very short 1 hour booking, I take another 2 at least to get prepared depending of needs. At least neatly done hair, makeup, if the HMUA is not provided, I carefully choose my styling as often clients want to see you dressed appealing for the shoot. I also check up the itinerary accurately to calculate my route and arrive on time without annoying delays. Often, I take a suitcase with a wardrobe selection to the spot.

How would you describe working with the photographer on this shoot? It looks like you guys nailed! Sascha was absolutely terrific in creating a totally relaxing and friendly atmosphere. He is a very intellectual, quick witted guy who was very curious to know what kind of bird I am. He skillfully pulled out some traits of my personality outside in front of the camera. He also showed care and attention as it was a 2 days long booking. By longer work hours you always appreciate a client who didn't forget to provide you with a nice lunch and/or dinner on time, picked you up or brought you home even though it was not agreed beforehand.

Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? Well, it's not like I am a fanatic of only certain people, I keep my mind open for emerging talented people too. Kristian Schuller is surely an undoubtedly the one, I would admire. I like Italian school of fashion photography too: Giampalo Scuro, Mario Sorrenti (though this one is more American).

In your opinion, what distinguishes a good model from a bad one? Professionalism. It's a job, not just a fancy title. One has to work on it, your skills, and abilities, sharpen your vision, and grow as a professional. A bad model is the one who thinks it's enough for her to have some looks and she is in. Absolutely not. There are tons of gorgeous girls who cannot even pose much. Or show the relevant expression. That's why only a few become very demanded.

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life? Mama brought me to modeling because she wanted her daughter to look more pretty and girly. She used to say that I can't even brush my hair properly. So the goal has been achieved, I guess due to modeling I started to be more responsible to my diet, my body and skin, my hair. I learned lady like manners and how to be beautiful in any situation as you never know where the next client will come from.

What's also important to notice, I was a teenager full of complexes about my looks. Modeling helped me to overcome this.

What was the premise for the shoot you did with the photographer? Sascha and I wanted to make something unusual. He had an idea of shooting for a wide social media outreach with focus on influencer modeling. We have made a series of different shoots and he was very satisfied with the outcome as much as I am. Photos are strong character and convey a message.

So, tell us what your favorite outfit is in this shoot?

Well that's easy... hands down my Guess dress I bought just before that in Milan. I love Milan for jobs and shopping. They do have a taste there. It was my first time I put it on, even.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer between shots? It's not always that you have music at the background. Actually it even disturbs: I am always very concentrated on my expression, pose and listen carefully what does the photographer say and the music is redundant.

We did talk quite a while with Sascha once we meet and already at the studio. I was actually surprised how much he wanted to know about my personality and background. True, I am very exotic, not every day you meet a person of my origins and I was glad to shed some light on the places I come from.

Tell us about yourself: Why do you work as a model? Well I like it. It's versatile, it's beautiful, it pays off, and it’s an art! And I like art!

What are your goals as a model? My goal is to reach my most daring dreams… Well, I guess you could guess what that could mean.

What is your nutrition?

I eat healthy. I am not vegetarian, quite normal food selection, but no junk or fast food at all. I also do quite well with my portions and don't eat more than that

Anything else you’d like to say?

I would like to say thank you for this nice opportunity to be at the spotlight of Prolific Quarterly today and wish all readers and especially models like me success and luck in their jobs!

Where can people follow your modeling career? Don't hesitate to follow me on my Instagram @tillakiz3 where I am most fully represented there.



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