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PQs A German Adventure

We had the chance to interview International model Dora. Dora is a rising model and is soaring to great heights in the industry. Check out what she has to say and get to know her... you will love it!

So tell us your name? My name is Dora, it's not my full legal name but I prefer being called this way it’s short and simple and memorable, the latte being quite important.

What’s your background in modeling? I have started modeling ages ago when I was 14. I did a modeling school and did pretty well with my modeling jobs. I did take a substantial break do to demanding university studies… but always kept myself in the loop.

What other modeling projects have you done? Oh, I have done a lot, I like shooting for commercials, music video clips and TV. This one is for instance, a clip for a gifted starlet Kobro, who is a rising star on the Austrian rap scene.

This was a catalog shoot for a jewelry house.