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PQs City of Colour.

Organic colours dance throughout the printed garments, the colours and formations are otherworldly. Combining sustainable fabrications and reversible designs, this range is all for self expression.

Kyah Halitta (pronounced k-eye-ah ha-lee-ta) stands by the philosophy of optimism, excitement, and women empowerment. It is a brand that is dedicated to uplifting the feminine power and finding fun and sustainable ways to wear clothing. We value our manufactures and the team we work along side to produce these items; we ensure the quality of their lives are fulfilled through the high level of working rights they are granted.

We welcome you into our community and hope that you feel the vibrancy, beauty, and positivity we share. We also hope that you share our love for slow fashion as every garment is a process to create and we take time to make sure that it is a perfect creation for our beautiful women around the globe. Every style is created from a sketch and every print is our own.

Kyah Halitta’s Ready To Wear manufacturers are proud members of SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit), ensuring the best practice and guidance in all areas of business. Its global collaborative platform provides an effective solution for sharing ethical data among business partners, supporting an effective supply chain management and improvement of practices.

A pivotal moment that started this design journey was when Creative Director, Kyah, stumbled across a macrame design created by Oliver Duncan Doherty; it was breathtaking. The line and hand work used to create this hand knotted macrame bodice formed inspiration to deliver creative designs through this handmade artform.

Kyah experimented with fabrication, turning old clothing into innovative designs. She then started an experimental phase, creating natural dyes from all sorts of fauna; combining different ingredients to create a concoction of colour and vibrancy. Soon after she found her love of print; which prior was not as prominent. Combining the natural processes with electric colours and prints, she soon realized there was a gap in the market for bright, printed, sustainable clothing, as many of the sustainable brands at the time were minimal, loose and floaty, and not printed.

The brands’ ethos is, do something your future self would thank you for, and this can be interpreted in a few ways. It can be regarding sustainability, which the brand is emphasizing, perhaps recycling, or growing your own vegetables to make a positive change to the environment. It can be about yourself, perhaps giving more self-love, talking to yourself positively, believing in yourself, setting goals and working towards them. It can be to others, nurturing relationships, being kind, honest, helping others when they need it. If everyone takes a small step to take something positive every day, the impact would be huge. The creative team invites you to enjoy the range.

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