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PQs Floral Obsession

photography Inspire

model Danille Rodriguez, TL Modeling Agency

mua Misty Davidson fashion designer For love and lemons

words Nina Calloway

We got a chance to catch up with Model Danille Rodriguez.

The 5’10 beauty resides in San Antonio, Texas. One interesting fact about the bombshell that we didn’t know was she resided in Japan for awhile. When asked… How did you like Japan…? The beauty said and I quote: “I stuck out like a sore thumb, I am a 5’10 Hispanic female, with dark features compared to Okinawa’s who are 5 ‘0 with fair skin”. That must have been a crazy and exciting experience being overseas. Now let’s get into a couple more questions so you can get to know this incredible woman.

So, Danille when did you first think of becoming a model?