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PQs The Vape Goddess

The Vape Goddess

photography | Mila Ritz

words | Sherry Johnson

Vaping is sexy! Just browse the web. The research conducted confirms that vaping girls are indeed more attractive than those smoking traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are more and more often chosen by young women who wish to protect their health and beauty from tobacco smoke. It is estimated that 39% of over 1.5 million of electronic cigarette users in Poland are ladies. For many women e-cigarettes have become a new symbol of feminine sensuality and sex appeal. A vaping girl is now replacing the 20th C. image of a smoking femme fatale.

Girls next door and fashion divas alike vape. Front page celebrities are also now more eager to use e-cigarettes: Katy Perry, Katherine Heigl, Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. They are only a few of world famous stars who are happy to be photographed with e-cigarettes. The main reason popular actresses and singers use e-cigarettes is their lower harmfulness, meaning that Hollywood stars can prolong their youth and fresh, healthy skin longer, and top it off with a blockbuster smile. Polish celebrities have also hopped aboard this train.

Vape Girls are another proof that e-cigarettes are vastly popular among ladies, and are very happy to be photographed when e-smoking or attending vaping parties. More and more women post their e-smoking gear on social media websites. It turns out that many of them are actually advanced e-cigarette users who mostly use mods. These girls’ gear will certainly leave a lot of men speechless. -PQ

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