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PQs Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses

photography | Eugene Li

model | Yulia Litvin MUA | Darina Fedorova Hair Stylist | Valentina Petrova

wardrobe credits | Style & Accessories by Crystal

So, we know you’re a dynamic photographer but what’s your background?

To be honest, I don’t have any artistic background. I'm a software engineer, so I spent a lot of time learning programming languages and computer technologies.

Maybe only one thing that I already have helps me in photography. It is perfectionism. I always try to do my job perfectly, so now I try to make perfect any subject on my photos.

So, did you study photography in school? If not how did you get into it?

No, we don’t have any photography classes in Ukraine. So I just passed a local photography course and a dozen workshops and watched hundreds of videos about photography.

Tell us about your first printed picture.

It was a local photography event where photographers were invited to show their best works. I’ve printed five pictures of my city (Kharkiv) and passed them to the event organizers.

I was very surprised when I had found an article about the event with my photos on the main illustration. After that I believed in my potential as a photographer.

What’s your favorite camera to work with and why?

I like my camera Nikon D5300, I absolutely don’t care that it is a crop frame camera middle level. I believe a great photo is made by the photographer's view primarily.

What has been your most challenging project to date and why?

Every commercial photography job is a challenge for me. The first job is most, of course.

Where are you based?

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Where can people follow your work?

#webtorial #prolificquarterly #art

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