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PQs Belle Arti Release 2018

photography | Mark Anthony Smith

models | Delisa Silva, Lailah Butler, Barbara Ledea, Nikole Tasha, Kha Kim Ross, Laurel Mona, Briana DeShields, Susan Diaz, Liz Ware, Angejolie Belle, Lezli Moore and Anthony Peters

mua | L.A. Seay & Matthew Cooley

hair | Brave by Beauty, Hair by Angelica Fernandez

fashion designers | Sumita Sharma Bhojwani @KalaXpress & Marissa Baker and Emma Charles @RECLAIMthreads

stylist | Svperdvperfly

location | The Movement Sanctuary, St Petersburg FL

Prolific Quarterly released their first Fine Arts Publication in style raising money for Lupus Research. The Awakening event was held January 21st. The purpose of this event was simple: to create community awareness of the Lupus Research Alliance for Lupus Research, to raise money in support of the organization’s mission to prevent, treat and cure lupus and the release of PQs Fine Art Edition. What a great combination!

With over 325 people attending the event the incredible night included Girls on Silks, Jugglers even a Juggler juggling Chainsaws on fire, people on Stilts, Food Trucks, Cocktails, House Music provided by Vinsolo, Santino Bontempo, JB Nicotera & Sherif Sidarous. Also included was Live Performances, a Live Photo shoot and Live Painting.

The Awakening was a Circus Inspired event with a Collection Styled & Designed by PQ's Fashion Director, Marissa Baker and Emma Charles of RECLAIMthreads. Now a little about the Lupus Research Alliance; Lupus is a complicated and unpredictable disease. You don’t know when symptoms will strike or how long a flare could last. In fact, over time, SLE can even lead to organ damage. Unfortunately, lupus research to date has been sorely under-funded and the disease itself is often misunderstood. In addition, treatment for lupus has not changed in the past 30 years: sometimes the treatment itself can be as damaging as the disease!

The Lupus Research Alliance is a national voluntary health organization based in New York City.

The world's largest private funder of lupus research, to date, the Lupus Research Alliance has committed nearly $200 million to the most progressive and innovative research projects around the globe.

100% of your contributions to the Lupus Research Alliance go directly to support lupus research programs because the board of directors funds all administrative and fundraising costs. As you can see this is a great organization and the Prolific Quarterly Awakening Events was a great success raising thousands for the cause… but we aren’t done yet.

Here is how you can help. We ask that you consider supporting us in continuing raising funds for this organization. Any donation will help and go to efforts to finding a cure for this devastating disease. So let’s all go to and donate to make a difference and stay tuned in for the next Prolific Quarterly event, -PQ

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