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PQs Events HAUTE Accessories Week™


Mark Anthony Smith


Aleyra D. Martinez, AnjeJolie Belle, Ashleigh Kline, Ayesha Clisset, Briel Wilson, Destiny Barnes, Destiny Marie, Jada Crandle, Janelle Griffith, Jennifer Moore, Jordyn A. Johnson, Kha Kim Ross, Kimberland Jackson, LaTasha Glenn, Lauren Skeoch, Morgan Vanasco, Niara Purkett, Nikita Washington, Oleika Redd, Susan Diaz, Symone Whittiker, Tyrah Walker, Vienna Guitterrez, Victoria Hutchins, Glenn Jonnson and Caleb Stupka. KIDS - Crimson Freeman, Ezekiel Millette, Jyus Ferguson, Yamila Gonzales, Arlette Mackliff, Elizabeth Figuero, Arie Milligan, Indwanai Cardenas & Sandra Nunez


Akanbi, Dee Jewels, Erika Williner Designs, Designs by Lenard Wise, Galvin Leatherworks, Prestigious Pieces, Tenique Designs, Sweetheart Collection,

Kelly Reeds Boutique, Fancy Flops by Ailani & Royal Bridal


Anna Schermerhorn, Queen Artistry LLC & SK Estragos D Gante

creative team

Hair Stylists & MUAs Alyssa Rynea, Kaay Michelle, Danie Fuller,

Nina Rivera, Lakesha Odds, Cherie Hallock & Lead Hair Stylist David Marc

Backstage Director Joi Banks

Backstage Coordinator Kim Gibbs-Freeman & Jamila Nicholson at The HOAJ

Creative Director Edwich Desroches

Videographer Imani Lee

Emcee Michelle Bremer

DJ Darmian Bull

Addtl Photographers Sergii Lakhno, Dwayne McDuffie, Ron Vaz, Chelo Garcia, Elliestar Photography, Joshua D. Guiles & Rougue Morgan


Cerulean Blu, Victoria Richards Chocolates, Sergii Lakhno, The HOAJ,

Jamaica Jamaica Island Cuisine & Runway Translator


The Fashion Movement

executive producer

Lacey B. Smith

Hello, so tell us a little about yourself?

I am the founder of and Chief Executive at Producer at The Fashion Movement (TFM). TFM is a fashion & events production, marketing and design firm based here in Tampa. I originally formed and launched the company in New York before relocating to Tampa in 2005. We host major events annually and are looking to grow beyond the Tampa Bay boundaries.

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from the beautiful Island of Jamaica.

So, tell us about the HAUTE Accessories Week™ - Runway Show.

HAUTE Accessories Week™ (HAUTE as we like to refer to it) is a vision I had for a while before first executing it in 2011. The Fashion Accessories market in a major one with billions of dollars spent each year but I didn’t see a dedicated platform for Accessory Designers prior to HAUTE Accessories Week™, therefore I saw the necessity for us at The Fashion Movement to develop one.

HAUTE Accessories Week™ is the event that spotlights the contributions accessory designers make to the fashion industry; featuring the unique and creative works of independent, established and emerging accessory designers.

We stage the event annually, usually in September; however, the hurricane forced us to switch last September’s show to February of this year. We’ve decided to stick with February going forward.

When did you first start?

I started in the fashion industry in the 1990’s in New York, and then moved to Tampa in 2005.

How did you get started and why are you passionate about Haute Accessories Week - Runway Show do?

Well, to be honest I am passionate about any project I attach my name to. I hold myself to a very high standard; believe in giving a hundred percent plus effort at all times. Excellence is really the minimum standard. HAUTE is a beautiful event, I enjoy planning, implementing, organizing and executing the creativity it entails.

Back to how I got started; growing up in Jamaica my mother was a Seamstress. Actually, the best in her field and that is where I discovered my early passion for fashion. Watching her create masterpieces without the use of patterns; just measuring her clients and designing their garments on that now antique Singer Sewing Machine with the famous pedal (lol).

As kids we were always dressed especially when going to church and other community and family functions. My dad would make sure the boys had their ties or bowties and jackets on while my mom made my sisters dresses. They always seem to have new dresses, well crafted.

So that started my inspiration to be involved in fashion. Then moving to New York, the Mecca of fashion I got more involved by volunteering at Fashion Week and other major fashion events in the City. I gained tremendous knowledge doing that, actually priceless. In New York I started working with the local emerging Designers to assist in promoting their brands. The Fashion Movement was born and the rest is history.

Now we know the last show was February 24th tell us about some of the highlights?

Honestly, all our Designers and Artists elevated their game; they presented their best work yet and will continue raise the bar going forward. The body painting by SK Estroges and Artist Anna Schermerhorn painting live next to the runway certainly had our Attendees attention. I love that we incorporated the Bridal Gowns from Royal Bridal with the Designers pieces. That was something I looked forward to unfolding on the runway.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love to read, knowledge is power. I compose poetry in my downtime also. Watching a good Soccer game is one of my favorite pastimes. Plus I’ve been playing around with the Sewing Machine lately, just creating my own Bowties etc.

Where do you gather your inspiration for your shows?

The mere fact that I can create platforms for the immense artistic taIent I constantly come in contact with is an inspiration in itself. So I am inspired by all these Creative Artists I’ve worked with and by the visions that come to mind constantly. I’m always thinking how to raise the bar and God has blessed me with great ideas and the right people to work with.

What is your favorite part about putting together this unique show?

Working with the TEAM, which means Designers, Models, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, Directors and Coordinators. Just witnessing these talented individuals forming a collaboration for the benefit of the program.

We take what we do very seriously at The Fashion Movement, therefore from day one we ensure everyone is on the same page with regards to what’s expected and how we intend to execute our projects. We are very transparent with everyone involved.

Why do you enjoy working on Haute Accessories Week - Runway Show event?

HAUTE is very special since it’s our single longest running event, 8 years. The Accessories market continues to grow, there are so many new talented designers being discovered and the platform will continue to grow. I strive to make each year our best. I love seeing our Models adorned in those beautiful pieces coming down the runway. However, with that said, I personally dedicate the same amount of energy to all our other projects…Bowties & Clutches®, EYE on Fashion™, Kids Style Week™ etc.

What do you think our guests can look forward to at next year’s show?

Oh, we’ll definitely be presenting an exquisite evening. They can also look forward to a wider array of products and brands on display both on the runway and in the Designers Boutique. Come prepared to be entertained also.

Where can people follow the Haute Accessories Week - Runway Show and stay abreast of everything that is going on and be in touch for next year’s show?

Social Media is always best since that’s where everyone seems to convene.

Facebook - @HauteAccessoriesWeek

Instagram - @hauteaccessoriesweek

Twitter - @hauteaccessory

Website –

Is there anything else you want our reader ship to know?

Yes, please save the dates for our next show... February 21 – 23, 2019.

#webtorial #prolificquarterly #fashion #art

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